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Our Programs

Available Educational Programs

Infants Program: (Ages 4 weeks to 1(1/2) year)​

Infants need a safe, loving environment designed for them to explore and to prepare them for a lifetime of celebrations, while exploring the world around them. At Celebrate Life Childcare we provide all the support and early education tools that your children need to learn.

Toddlers Programs: (Ages 1 yrs to 2 yrs)

Our unique early childhood curriculum is age appropriate to meet the high demand that a toddler needs with fun filled concepts and learning activities to explore and develop both cognitively and socially with confidence and excitement.

Pre School Programs: (Ages 3yrs to 4 yrs)

At our facilities, we prepare our preschoolers to be more than ready for kindergarten. We teach them skills and routines to make for an easy transition to elementary.

Kindergarten Programs: (Ages 4 to 5 Yrs)​

The transition from daycare to elementary can be a challenge, but with our program, we dedicate time to make sure each child is prepared. Before and After care, we will make sure homework is being complete.

After care and Adventure Island Camp Programs: (Ages 6 yrs to 12 yrs)

Our aftercare program will be sure to keep your child safe.

Our Advantages

Qualified Teachers

  • CPR/First Aid-certified,
  • Certified in Universal Precautions,
  • Safe-Sleep trained and certified,
  • Safe-Serve trained,
  • TB tested and Drug Screened,
  • Screen via the new FBI Criminal History Background Check
  • Foundation trained
  • Every staff member has to have an abuse check completed by the state.
  • Each of our staff members receives 16-27 continuing education credit hours of training per year, along with additional early childhood educational classes/training offered by Child Care Answers.

Advance Learning Activities

  • Programs & Lesson Plans
  • Worship & devotional time
  • exercise and stretch
  • arts and crafts
  • music/dance
  • curriculum activities
  • outside time
  • math/science time

Various Programs

Now enrolling for Summer Camp Low Low weekly rates, $125.00 plus a $50.00 registration fee. Safe & fun learning facility we only have 15 spots for the 2019 summer camp program call now and reserve your spot today.

For more information and inquiries, Contact us now

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